Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

Lara Carson has just returned home to Bath after being away for eighteen years and she has a big secret.
Evie is thrilled Lara is back, they were best friends years ago and Lara is just in time to see Evie get married. But will Evie marry Joel?

Flynn Erksine was Lara’s long-ago boyfriend and he has never forgotten her. Will he be able to forgive her when her secret is revealed?

A Walk in the Park is Jill Mansell’s latest and focuses on second chances. As always in a Mansell novel, it is filled with a wonderful cast of supporting characters.

The book focuses on Lara, home to Bath after eighteen years, the secret she’s been keeping and her relationship with Flynn.

At first I thought Lara is so self-righteous, when she reveals her secret to Flynn and tries to turn the tables and be angry at him. I felt he had every right to feel and say what he did. She does eventually grow on me, but it took me some time to get past what I thought of as her un-justified anger.

I always love the secondary characters in Mansell’s books and A Walk in the Park was no exception. I just loved Evie and her story.  Evie is open and honest, what you see is what you get.  After her disastrous almost wedding, I loved the evolution of her character, she wasn’t what I expected and she did things I didn’t expect. I really liked Evie and I loved how her story played out.

The problem I usually find in Mansell’s books is the cast of secondary characters takes away from the main characters and their story. I loved all of these characters and their stories but I feel Lara and Flynn’s story was left wanting. They have a shared history and eighteen years to catch up on. I am willing to believe they never got over each other and they have something that connects them now but they needed more time to re-connect.

Overall, I did really enjoy A Walk in the Park and any Mansell fan will appreciate this latest. 


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