Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toe the Line

** A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Wynn Johnston and his partner, Brian Wheeler are returning home from Seattle where they have just competed in a triathlon when Wheeler is stabbed and murdered in the Sea-Tac airport. Wynn is held in Seattle while the police launch an investigation and Wynn is forced to call his almost father-in-law, an attorney, for help.

Although Wynn is shocked at his friend’s murder, he is determined to get home to Austin, TX where he runs a small business that caters to triathlon participants. Until his death, Wheeler was his partner and now Wynn is left with a business that desperately needs his attention.

Staying in Seattle, Wynn is confronted by his old flame and the ultimately questionable occurrences in Wheeler’s behavior before his death. Together with the help of former flame Madison Michaelson, they begin to look into the potential causes of Wheeler’s death and when the killer takes an interest in seeing them dead, they have to fight to stay one step ahead.

I was engrossed from the first line ”Go to Hell Wheeler” and the more I read, the more I wanted to know what happened to Wheeler, what would happen to Wynn and Madison and ultimately Who Dunnit.

Dick Hannah has a remarkable voice as an author. He was able to write a character, Wynn, who was kind of a well, jerk and as the reader I was still engrossed in his story, I still wanted to find out what happened to him. Yes, I think there was a level of indifference to Wheeler’s murder, especially for someone who claims to be his best friend but I am also willing to give Wynn the benefit of the doubt. He just lost his friend, he has a business on the brink, and everything he knows and loves is thrown into a tailspin. That might make anyone a little hard to handle.

The secondary characters of Harvey and Madison were well-written and both compliment Wynn’s sometimes apathetic attitude. I absolutely loved Madison, she was feisty and determined, didn’t take no for an answer and went above and beyond for Wynn. Madison’s personality softens Wynn’s attitude as well and together they complement each other and make a perfect duo.

The suspense builds throughout the novel and there are twists and turns along the way that leave the reader to guess at what comes next. I admit, I did not see the ending coming but when I saw and read, I loved it. I thought it was well done and suspenseful.

Hannah does a fantastic job creating the scenery and setting. Through the narrative voice, you feel as though you are part of the story.  The writing flows along with the story and before you know it you are flipping page after page, engrossed and in the same race to find out what happened as Wynn and Madison.

Bottom line, Toe the Line is a book worth reading. Find it on Amazon,or just out Dick Hannah's Blog for more info but put it on your TBR list.

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