Friday, July 13, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Wow, I am so thrilled to have been nominated by two fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you Nette @ and Soma @ . 
There are a few rules one one must follow before accepting the award and they are as follows:
  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
  2. Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award.
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself. 
  4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you. 
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.   
7 Random facts about me: 
1. I am the proud Mommy of the most wonderful almost three yr. old son, Charlie
2.I am addicted to buying shoes
3. I just started listening to country music, and like it.
4. I love HGTV
5.My favorite show of all time is Seinfeld.
6. I love to sing when I cook.
7. I am obsessed with playing Mahjong on my phone.

And the nominees for Versatile Blogger Award goes too.... 

  1. Cameo Renae
  2. This Girl Reads
  3. Cafe Reads
  4. Chrissy's Chatter
  5. Incurable Romantic
  6. Literary Love Affair
  7. Ramblings of a Book Junkie
  8. Three Cats and a Girl
  9. The Book Shelf
  10. Queen of Teen Fiction
  11. S.I.K. Book Reviews
  12. Read and Caffeinated
  13. Living Loving and Writing
  14. Kick Back Moments
  15. Head Stuck in a Book


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  2. You're welcome! Love your blog:)

  3. Thanks Kristen! This is awesome :)
    When I make a post about it, I will send you the link! :)

  4. I thought I have a left a comment, but it didn't come out. So, anyway, I'm thrilled about this. Thank you so much! It's very sweet...

    By the way, my blog for book reviews is at Read and Caffeinated

    But thats ok! Thank you once again, you're so nice!

  5. @ Miss Reith - Sorry! I follow both and and love both, I just updated the post to reflect your book blog!

    1. Aww you followed both of my blogs? So nice of you.. Thanks a lot! *virtual hugs*

  6. Yay, another Seinfeld fan. I can't pick a favorite episode, obviously, because there are too many great ones. But for book lovers- the one where George is forced to by the expensive coffee table type book at a bookstore because he takes it in the bathroom. And he doesn't get why no one would want to buy a bathroom book. Eww... that's always something I have to firmly keep from entering my mind when I get books from the library- I know it's possible, but if I dwell, I'd never read another library book. They're all potential "bathroom" books.

    I see that you're reading Shadow of Night- I just finished that a few days ago. I really liked it. Hope you're enjoying it.

  7. @Shay - love Seinfeld and can't pick one favorite episode. I do love that one. One that always sticks out is the PR parade episode probably because it's never on. Maroon Gulf!
    I am loving Shadow, I stayed up too late last night because I couldn't put it down!

  8. Thanks so much for the nomination Kristen and I love your blog!

  9. Thanks Peggy and right back at you, I love your reviews!

  10. Thank you for nominating Incurable romantic for this award. Quite unexpected and very awesome! Thank you Kristen!

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  12. Hi Lily,
    You're welcome! You have a great blog!

  13. Thank you so much for the award! I really appreciate it. ♥ Charlie is an adorable name.

    1. You're welcome Cheyenne! And thank you, I think so too :)

  14. Thank you for the award! It's an honour! And it's my first!

  15. You're welcome Chrissy!And Congrats!

  16. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It has been a few weeks now I also received the versatile blogger award.