Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Sundays - At Last

At Last (Lucky Harbor, #5)

I’ve said it before and I will probably say it every time Jill Shalvis writes a book, she’s done it again. Every time a new Jill Shalvis book comes out, I’m at the bookstore that morning to grab it up and with each new release I read, I don’t think she will be able to top it. Every time I’m proven wrong. And so it is with At Last. I loved every minute of Amy and Matt’s story and read it straight through until the satisfying completion.

Amy Michaels has been lost for a long time. She came to Lucky Harbor to follow her grandma’s journal. Years ago In Lucky Harbor, her grandma found hope, peace and heart; Amy is re-tracing her footsteps and hoping to find a little of the same for herself.  In the meantime, she’s supporting herself by working at Lucky Harbor’s diner, the Eat-Me Café.

Matt Bowers in a former SEAL, former Chicago SWAT and former husband, he came to Lucky Harbor for peace and quiet. Matt is the local Hot Buns forest ranger and ever since Amy showed up in town, he hasn’t been able to get the feisty Amy out of his mind.

There was a glimpse of the friction between Amy and Matt in Lucky in Love and it ignited in At Last. Amy and Matt had great chemistry. It was everything I want in a romance, sweet, funny, packed with emotion and smoking hot.

Amy came to Lucky Harbor to try to find herself, she’s been lost since she was a teenager, and when she finds Riley, another lost girl, she recognizes herself in Riley. Even though Amy is struggling with her own past, she helps Riley to find a better future. I loved Amy’s big heart and the ways she tried to hide it.

Again what Lucky Harbor book would be complete without Lucille and her Facebook posse? Her antics never cease to crack me up as she pops in and out of Amy and Matt’s relationship to snap a picture for the Lucky Harbor Facebook page.

I loved Amy and Matt’s story, I loved both characters. Amy’s struggle was real and I felt right along with her, the pain, the determination and the hope. Matt was the perfect complement to Amy’s finding herself character. Matt wanted to help Amy and was there for her, even when she pushes him away. Shalvis is making it really hard to pick my favorite guy in Lucky Harbor. Jax from Simply irresistible is still my favorite, but Matt is giving him a run for his money.

The Lucky Harbor series is my favorite romance series. At Last marks the fifth book in this series and Forever and a Day was just released. I hope Jill Shalvis continues to write Lucky Harbor novels for a long time to come but no matter what she writes, you’re getting a great read. 

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