Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Sundays - The Reckoning

The Reckoning (The Taker, #2)

The Reckoning picks up where The Taker left off. Lanny and Luke are in London for the opening of an exhibit featuring some of Lanore’s possessions she has given away when she feels a sharpness in her head she hasn’t felt for over two hundred years. Instantly she knows Adair is free and does what any one would in her position, she flees London.

Adair is out of his imprisonment after being in the dark for so long and he has spent decades planning what he would do to Lanore when he was free. Now he has to find her and exact his revenge. He finds one of his former companions still living in Boston and begins to learn how to live in the twenty-first century.  Eventually Lanny and Adair are bound to have their reckoning.

I find myself simultaneously repulsed by and enamored of Adair. He is not a simple man to understand, no one has ever come close except Lanore. He has done vile, deplorable things in his long life and yet there is still something about him that pulls at me and I am captivated by him, clinging to the crumbs of his story and constantly wanting more.

Rich and multi-layered are the characters in Katsu’s novel and we are treated to even more depth from Lanore and Adair as well as a few additional characters. Their stories unravel as the reckoning draws nearer and Katsu sets a fast and furious pace.

As with The Taker, I have little feeling for the good guy, Luke. I don’t think he is worth Lanny’s time, I thought he was flat and I was much more interested in the immortals, both their past and present. Luke felt out of place to me and I kept hoping he would go away. Also, he was willing to throw away his whole life for Lanore, I never thought they had the kind of connection that would make that believable. I have always thought Luke was a means to an end, nothing more. Yes, I think Lanny deserves to be happy, I'm just not convinced Luke is the guy for the job.

Katsu builds the tension throughout the novel as the reckoning between Lanny and Adair draws nearer until you start to feel the same tension in your belly you are sure Lanore was suffering as she tries to outrun Adair’s wrath.  I wasn’t surprised at one of the twists leading to Lanore and Adair’s seeing each other again. I do wish there was more story after their showdown but my impatience will just have to wait until next year when the final book in the trilogy comes out.

The end left me distraught, I want to know more. I want to know what happens next. I don’t know how I will make it until next year when the final volume of this mesmerizing trilogy is in my hands.  I loved The Reckoning but if you are thinking of starting this trilogy, pick up The Taker first. 

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