Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coffee and Conversation

In the book I just finished, About That Night, the guy, Kyle is supposed to look like Sawyer from Lost so there are a bunch of references (which are hysterical to a once Lost obsessed fan such as me). Anyway, it made me start thinking about the show again and then I thought, if I were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one character, which would I bring. It's actually really hard and I've been thinking about this for a while.

I thought of some funny ones such as Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.  You never know if there are going to be any Rodents of unusual size on an island, and he's hell with a sword.

I considered Eric from Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books, but after all of the sex, he would probably just drain me. Then I thought of Bubba from the same series. I wouldn't have to worry about being drained, since he prefers cats blood and since he is really Elvis (in the morgue, a huge vampire fan of Elvis' turned him, but because of all of the drugs in his system, it didn't turn out very well), he could entertain me with song. And once he was done sucking the blood out of the animals, I have my dinner. 

Holden Caulfield and Atticus Fitch were briefly considered and discarded. Actually Scout would be pretty fun to have along on a deserted island though.

Of course I considered some of my favorites from Romance. Phin from Welcome to Temptation would be a good choice. He loves to read so we would have plenty to talk about. But although he was most definitely a Boy Scout, he would really hate to get those khaki's dirty.

Jax from Simply Irresistible was a contender. Who cares about being hungry when you can stare at Jax all day? Not to mention he's a carpenter of sorts so he could probably build us a sweet fort. 

But ultimately I had to choose Jaime Fraser from the Outlander series. He just has everything a girl could want. He's a highlander and he wears a kilt. He is used to living rough and can hunt and build shelter. Plus, he's smart, so we would find things to talk about. Oh and he's a highlander in a kilt. When I got sick of listening to him talk Scottish and Gaelic, which would be never, he could fish with his bare hands and take down an animal with his dirk. Build shelter? No problem for Jaime, he's built houses out of trees before.  Jaime makes being stuck on a deserted island look not so bad.

Post a comment below and add your choices.


  1. Love the Inigo Montoya comment. Wesley would be a good choice as well...As you wish!!!!

  2. He does have superior skills in fighting ROUS's.