Friday, March 30, 2012

Coffee and Conversation

I have heard positive things about The Hunger Games movie, although I have yet to see it myself. It did make me think of other books that have been turned into movies. In most cases, I think the book is better than the movie. I have read all of these books and in most cases, still think the book is better, even if I loved the movie. Here are some of my favorite books-turned-movies:

6. The Godfather - Michael Corleone is the ultimate gangster. Both the first and second movies are up there in my top flicks. The third should be burned.

5. The Shining - This book scared the pants off of me in my twenties, and I definitely think the book is better, but it's still a great movie. Shelley Duvall is enough to scare the crap out of you.

4. The Outsiders - Stellar cast and just an excellent coming of age movie.

3. Stand by Me - Come on Verno, how could you not love this movie. It's River Phoenix at his best.

2. Beaches - I wore this movie out years ago and still love it. A tear-jerker for sure.

1. The Princess Bride - Best Movie EVER! I could do a whole post just about the great lines in this movie.
A little less Fred Savage could have gone a long way is my only beef. My favorite movie of all time. It would be inconceivable otherwise.

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