Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Girls Don't

Good Girls Don’t is the first book in the Donovan family trilogy by Victoria Dahl. The books focus on the Donovan siblings, Tessa and her brothers Eric and Jamie. Together they run Donovan Brothers Brewery, a small business started by their father.

Good Girls Don't (Donovan Brothers Brewery, #1) Tessa meets Luke Asher when he is assigned to investigate a robbery at the brewery. Focused on the robbery and his personal issues, including his pregnant partner (whom everyone thinks he knocked up), Luke only notices Tessa’s girl next door looks in passing. But Tessa notices Luke and sets out to pursue him.

This was my first introduction to Victoria Dahl, and if what they say about first impressions is true, consider me a new fan. I loved this contemporary romance; the author does a fantastic job. I didn’t get a lot of that romance cliché and formula crap. I connected with the characters, they are complex yet real. They are dealing with emotions and situations that are relatable to readers.

Tessa is willful and stubborn and she’s not afraid to go after what she wants. Tessa knew she wanted Luke and wasn’t afraid to pursue him. She was a strong female character and she wasn’t intimidated by the men in her life.

It was funny, I found myself laughing out loud. which in my book is a plus in a romance. When the author has the ability to make us laugh, tear up and steam up it’s a rare treat. From Tessa’s twittering and cursing to Jamie’s kilt, there was some laugh worthy moments.

Aren’t the best sex scenes the ones that manage to be hot but still leave you grinning? I think so. Tessa and Luke have a lot of chemistry but they have fun too. And the White Orchid, let’s just say I can’t wait to read Beth’s story…

Good Girls Don’t is definitely a good choice for a contemporary romance and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into Jamie and Eric too (their stories jeez). Victoria Dahl has a new fan in me.

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