Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Favorite Things

Happy Saturday! This favorite things post focuses on some of my favorite Independent bookstores.
I love Indies, and I want to see them sticking around for years to come. Too many bookshops have closed in recent years so if you have a favorite Indie bookstore, stop in and shop!

The Poisoned Pen is a specialty bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ. They focus primarily on mystery's and thrillers but stock a variety of other books. They also carry many signed first editions. (My favorite part!). In addition, certain authors that frequent the shop or live nearby, their books (in all  forms usually) are kept signed and in stock including Diana Gabaldon for all of you Outlander fans. You can order my email, online or phone. The staff are extremely nice and helpful.
Check them out here:

 Barefoot Books is a great Independent bookstore for children's books. Barefoot Books started as a way for two moms with a love of reading and a desire to stay at home with their children to find a creative way to have a career focused on what they love most. Today, Barefoot is an Indie publisher and prints truly beautiful children's books. They are filled with magic, whimsy, singing and dancing. Focused on tapping into your child's imagination and promoting a love of reading.
Live Barefoot:

Logo Indie Bound is a great resource to help you find a local Independent Bookstore new you.

Abe Books is another online resource for finding books. This site consists of a community of online retailers (many with brick and mortar stores). You can search for books my author, title or seller. They have a vast community and an even larger selection.

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